Jack Baker's Sesame St. Videos - I've played many banjo video sound tracks for Jim Henson's Sesame St.
TR Crandall Guitars - Known lower East Side NYC guitar store - top brand guitars, banjos and accessories
Banjo Newsletter - BNL - The original monthly newsletter devoted to banjo, features, articles and tabs
Ivon Schmukler's Website - An excellent Luthier website with great links to other people's websites
Terre Roche's Homepage - Terre's Roche's home page with performance dates etc.
Marc Silber's Website - Fantastic website by master Luthier. Marc gave me my first teaching job in NYC
Janet Davis Music - Janet Davis' website is the original multi instruments store - banjos, guitars, mandolins etc.
Don Borchelt's Homepage - A great banjo site with lots of information by the creator of the BNL logo
The Origins Of Tablature - Great informative site about where tablature originated - worth a visit
Ed "Doc" Pollack's Homepage - Extensive list of bluegrass festivals, and music teachers in NJ / PA
Jim Bottorf's Banjo Page - chord diagrams and lyrics for tenor, plectrum and 5-string banjo - very useful site
Bluegrass Lyrics.Com Homepage - Very useful site with lyrics to many bluegrass songs
Rory Block's Homepage - Wonderful site with real audio samples by this great fingerstyle blues guitarist
Chord Guide.com - Very good and complete guitar chord site with lots of ways to find and build chords
Tabledit Homepage - The very best multi-instrument tab and midi writing program online
Mister Guitar Chet Atkins Homepage
Ohio Fingerstyle Guitar Club
Kentucky Thumpickers Club